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Wild-Brave & Wonderful!

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You are riding into a world of constant change. Yet some values are eternal…and others are put in the trash. You have even changed some of your personal values. Perhaps you have shifted some notions of how reality should or could be. Have you noticed your likes and dislikes? Probably a few of those have changed, at least food wise, since you were ten.


I am reminded of my father’s wife, who when she first moved in with us, bought a jar of Marshmallow Fluff. She now eats mostly vegan organic raw food. Yes, and I remember when she and my dad laughed when I made avocado ice cream. Avocado is a desert in a few countries by the way.


You change, the world changes. Sometimes this feels wonderful and other times not so much. So, when it is overwhelming, out of control and nowhere to go, it is time to give yourself time and space to be and integrate. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pile your to do list on top of   overwhelm.


The opportunity is to be compassionate to yourself. Take your time. And of course, if you are having physical symptoms come have a Body Being & Heart session in person or on-line. When your body feels well, your emotions and your mind settle down, have you noticed?


Stop squeezing and compressing yourself with thought distortions, penis envy or whatever and your physical pains will diminish. Please stop asking impossible questions which cannot be answered. When I was at university, I was always asking why. I did have a professor who insisted the question isn’t why but HOW. At the time I did not appreciate this answer but over time I have come to realize and accept the isness of and in life. Now I ask more potentially answerable questions with HOW.

Wild, Brave & Wonderful!

Let’s dance a little and be wild, brave & wonderful! Enjoy the evolving flavors of your life. You know you cannot solve the problems of the world but in your small corner of it you can create a garden and tip toe through the tulips. Share and be compassionate to yourself and others.

Take a travel of a Lifetime to India with me. Join a Crystal or Reiki Course or go the whole nine yards and become a light for others and yourself in the Body Being & Heart Program.

You can always pre-order ‘Anxious Woman’ a guide to de-stress and enlighten. Coming out soon.

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer

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