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Delve into Your Past-Lives

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Take a deep dive down memory lane. So far back you probably do not remember or maybe you do have a sense of who you might have been in a past life. Three quarters of the world believes in Past-Lives although the Catholic Church decided in 553 A.D. that incarnation did not have a place in their church.

Personally, even if I veiw Past-Lives as an inner journey, it will give you information about your current life. Below is material taken from the Body Being & Heart manual on Past-Lives. If this interests you come for a reading or a course.

Past and Future Life

The soul’s evolution is its journey through past and future lives. The intent
of exploring these lives with the Body Being & Heart approach is to assist
you, the individual, to become conscious of unseen motivations or influences
in your life. The potential is to release blockages from the past that stop
you from reaching your full potential in terms of relationship, career,
health, and spiritual development.


The experience of past and future lives leads to an acceptance of yourself
and your situation, which in turn allows you to open to your next level of
unfoldment. Exploring past and future lives clarifies and assists you in
creating in your life a reality closer to your heart’s desires.


The basic Body Being & Heart exploration in this area is three-fold: one
aspect takes place in the Pre-Natal Course, which allows participants to
look at life issues each has brought into this incarnation, by accessing pre-birth and birth experiences. It is an opportunity to address and perhaps
rewrite your basic ‘contracts’ with your mother, and father.

Regression Process

This exploration is accessed through a regression process. Regression is a
gentle relaxation and remembering process, overseen and assisted by what
is sometimes termed your Whole Self, Higher Self, or the source of inner
knowing. It is an opportunity to take a look at how these basic life issues
have repeated and can be transcended or transmuted.

Pre-Natal Course

The Pre-Natal course dovetails with the embryology work being unfolded on
the forefront somatic body work. Somatic embryology asks you to explore
the anatomical development which takes place in the embryo. The first four
weeks after conception is a key precursor to our life. Two different cells,
the sperm and the ovum unite to become two identical cells and replicate to
eventually become two then three layers of cells which generate all our
body’s systems. The movement twists and turns, all pre-programed, in nine
months become the baby.

Developmental Movement

Some aspects of somatic embryology are touched upon in the Body course
of the Body Being & Heart program where we look at developmental
patterns. These neuromuscular patterns allow the infant to go from lying to
creeping and crawling to standing and walking. (Other aspects of somatic
embryology is in advanced courses.)


We are embedded in our cells. The first challenge in life is birth, the last
death. How we navigate between them with our encoded DNA of our
ancestral and biological past is a substantial part of how we live our current
lives. The DNA of our cells embodies our vibratory energy, structure,
personality bents, emotional and spiritual pathways; environment and
current cultural values add the rest.
You are not your DNA and also you are. You can make conscious choices
which modify your outcomes.


The Body Being & Heart focus on past-lives is on those lives contributing
to your current life issues negatively as well as positively. Regression, as
well as other modalities, dance, meditation, drawing and storytelling, are
used to experience past lives in yourselves and others.
There are usually two past-lives that are currently having a major impact on
one’s life at any one time. There, of course, can be more than two.
If a past-life is negatively impacting you, the experience can feel a little
like ‘why is this happening to me?’

Knowing Gives You…

Knowing about the influence can lessen the impact, allowing you to
understand and release the negative patterns at an unconscious level by
alleviating your conscious frustration. Knowing can allow you to consciously
let go of your present attachment to the ‘story’ or the ‘how’ you think
about the content of your life.


We all experience challenges. If we contract with challenge we lose the
opportunity inherent in difficult situations. Like the old adage ‘If life gives
you lemons, make lemonade.’ The opportunity is to stay open.


Unfortunately, many people have the tendency to dig themselves deeper into their ‘Karma’. It is a little like staying on the computer when you are
tired. The computer doesn’t seem to be working right. If you stop
energizing, continuing the situation, you win. If you do not, you are bound
for frustration and more of the same. Karma is the repetition or
consequence of your action or non-action, positive or negative.


The Past-Life Regression process can be very powerful. If you are in the
Past & Future Life course, know that we approach the process gently.
Those of you just reading this out of curiosity/interest may simply want to
have a Past-Life Reading which can tell you about the influences of the past
without going further into re-experiencing these past events. It can be
helpful and insightful. And also, just hearing about your past-life can
trigger the remembering process.

Good to Know

Whatever your level of emotional comfort, know that you will not
experience more than you can integrate. It is beneficial and often quite
interesting to know something about the past-lives impacting your
relationships and current life.

Sending Light & Inspiration,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer

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