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Soothe Your Pain

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Does your body keep popping up problems? Plus, there is so much anxiety in the air and on the planet these days that it is great to have a few soothing approaches in your back pocket.

Do you listen to soothing music, or watch non-violent, happy movies? Perhaps it is meditation or just paying attention to your breath. Healing salves are good, though often temporary. And you can always pet the cat or dog to dust off the stratosphere of world gloom and natural disasters. What is your mix?

Pain is not Gain

Pain is not gain, but if little boo boos are popping up and you do not need to be rushed to a hospital you can use self-care approaches. Lots of these are sensible, no brainers. And your mother probably instilled them into you.

Remember the basics of life are eat, sleep, exercise/move. Me, I like to dance others like to Yoga. If you are past 40 be gentler in your routines for exercise. Positioning is 9/10 of the law. So, if you are sitting all day change positions regularly. Good for your eyes and your joints.

Prevention is also a good approach for staying well. And let’s face it, you know when you are out of balance and need help.


I have often said “we all need support sometimes.” Recently I decided to lose those pandemic pounds which looked ok in my winter sweaters but not so much in my summer wardrobe. I would manage one day of ‘diet’ and then all willpower would slip away. I tried an on-line platform and by golly logging what I ate, did the trick. It has been slow; this was not a quicky. And they sent lots of psychological tricks and ideas.

What amazed me was psychologists had incorporated lots of spiritual truths…so of course, I was already using them. Psychologists have only been around for a century or two, spiritual truth since the beginning of time. But psychologists have put fancier names to these truths. Still TRUE.

Body Being & Heart

These days I am beginning to call spirituality the quantum field. But this term is less exciting and interesting to me. Spirituality invokes the amazing, much larger than myself presence and a harmony in touch with the universe, the earth, the sky, me and all peoples.

Whatever you want to call it, having the ability to shift from a narrow-concentrated focus to a broader perspective is a necessary life skill. If you are ruminating, obsessing on your pain, ills, anxiety, concerns having a Being & Heart session will give you more spaciousness and lightness of being. You will feel it. The context of Body Being & Heart brings you into balance with yourself and the universe.


Am I rambling? I hope not. If you want to learn life skills guaranteed for life, come to a Body Being & Heart Reiki course to support your health and wellbeing. You can do this in a group or even privately, in-person or on Zoom.

Yes, healing can happen at a distance or at least the stuff I do does. Last month removed a tumor and a cyst of a woman in Mexico through our Zoom session. Even I was amazed. If you are ready anything can and does happen.

Yes, knowing Reiki and using it for yourself will soothe and support your healing process. And who knows, you may even lose weight!

So Much to Offer

You will, if you join in with Body Being & Heart, session, courses and retreats, discover ways to soothe the dragon, the scardy-cat and every emotion which overwhelms as you discover how to rebalance your body, emotions, chakras, energy and mind. Soothe & heal is my motto. Body Being & Heart supports your natural healing process as it soothes you.

You can always try the Peaceful You with an energy balancing with me + my relaxing meditations or come to India with me and Alice or Join a Reiki course or the full Body Being & Heart Training. How many dragons are you slaying this week?

And don’t forget a good bedtime story. Pleasant Dreams!

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer


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