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What to Do…?

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What to do if you are sensitive and in physical or emotional pain. What you can do is get support from Body Being & Heart on-line or in-person in Montreal.  Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to healing and wellness.


Healing Hands

You can always join me, Kyra Lober, in Montreal for an in-person session. I am also happy to recommend Body Being & Heart practitioners in your part of the metropolitan area. During my sessions, you and I talk about what is going on for you and the key reason you have come. Then I ask you to lay down on the massage table.

You are fully dressed, so do wear comfortable clothing. Soft music plays and you can even have heat to further relax and make you feel super comfy. The sessions are gentle but if anything is uncomfortable for whatever reason, just speak up. You are in charge.

The approach I use with you depends on what works for you. Some people like the comfort and slowness of Reiki, with others I use somatic movement to facilitate and support physical function from injury and structural imbalance. I also may use CranioSacral Therapy and Vibrational Acupuncture as well as subtle energy to body facilitation. We explore together what works for you. And yes, I may teach you things you can do on your own to support your healing process.


You may not be familiar with Distant Healing. So, here’s an example of how effective it can be. I treated a woman on-line over Zoom. She was in Mexico and I was in Montreal. She had two ultra sound scans which said she had a tumor and a cyst on her right ovary. I used a special dissolving energetic formula. Several days later she had another ultra sound. The tumor and cyst were gone.

Key to Remember

The key to remember is you are part of any session. I do not heal you; I facilitate. You do the healing. If you and the tissue of your body are ready everything wonderful can happen. Are you ready?

Everything is Recorded

Do you know that everything you experience is recorded by your body, in the very tissue of your cells? Help me help you to release physical and emotional trauma. Release your physical issue and/or release your story and find the peace you have always wanted.

Dialoging with what I call your inner animal or emotional body is an important aspect of Body Being & Heart. The root cause of physical stress is often emotion or traumatic experience.

‘My Heart Feels’ is a favorite of my clients which starts with breathing into your heart and noticing what happens.

If You Don’t Do Anything

The price of not doing anything is expensive. Nothing will change and it will probably get worse. Start now. Unwinding and healing your life’s traumas, transitions and maintaining your wellness is what Body Being & Heart is all about.


Yes, if you are a woman who is stressed or in transition in your life and have physical symptoms come have an integrated Body Being & Heart Session or come to a course or retreat so you can take better care of yourself.

My specialties include chronic health conditions, injuries no one else has had success with and brain issues. I healed from a chronic health condition years ago, so I know it is possible.

The brain is a part of the body. Maybe you have had a concussion or have a brain issue. I keep training in this arena and people keep healing from their symptoms. You could too.


There is a special treat coming up by demand next month, a Crystal Healing Course. Let me know and I will be happy to send details.  Or perhaps you want to do it all and become a therapist yourself, able to write third party insurance receipts. Here’s the Professional Course Descriptions. You can also take these for Personal Development. After all Health is Wealth!

So, whether it is for professional reasons or personal development my Body Being & Heart course will give you the tools to stay healthy and explore your intuitive abilities as you lighten up! And yes, there is an On-Line only program called Enlightened Healers which you can try out. Or perhaps a Reiki, Natural Healing course where you learn the basics of energy healing. Some of these you can do privately as well as in a group.


What to Do at a Country retreat. You can eat well!

Just finished one in the country. The next is India in January. Click Here for the Free Itinerary. If spirit and travel are part of your niche you will have the Voyage of a Lifetime!

Sending Love & Light,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer

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