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Trick or Treat

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Every issue or problem has a benefit. Sometimes it takes a while to find its silver lining. So, what is your challenge in this moment and where is the potential solution taking you? And also, have you realized that sometimes having the problem is part of the benefit?

Oi vey, as they would say in N.Y.C. You mean my problem is letting go of the problem? Exactly. You might even want to list the benefits of your current issue.


I have been having dental issues. What are the benefits? Could there be any benefits? I can blame my father’s DNA and leave at that. But I might still have the same problem. I know from an ordinary perspective; brush your teeth twice a day, floss and use a curaprox brush; I am good.

I do know I have not regarded my dental health as a healing project. It is certain I know more about the structure and potential healing techniques for the brain than I do about teeth and gum health. “Voila!” as we say in Montreal. Here is a potential benefit, and a new healing research project.

Dental work costs are becoming astronomical. And what happens when they occur? It limits money for my travel and creative projects. Is there any benefit in this? Yes, I get to stay home and create my projects. But this really is boring, I need, want inspiration! So, what to do?

Look At…

This issue disempowers me. It reminds me I am getting older. Also, it keeps me small and at effect of what I seemingly cannot control. Definitely these are feelings and states of consciousness to explore. This exploration may not save my teeth but it will save me from my poor-me misery.

What Is

What is your issue? If it is within the body centered approach to healing and wellness offered by Body Being & Heart, I am delighted to help you find a solution. I just taught a little brain course for my advanced students but perhaps you would like to start with a personal session in person in Montreal or On-Line on Zoom.

The Gift

The gift in my work for me is it keeps me (aside from teeth) in perfect health! So, given the research, training and studies I have done throughout my life, I have resources to keep me well. And when I reach my personal limit of solutions, I have support. Ok, I can always check Google. However, as you have probably realized Google diagnoses are limited if not dangerous to your mental and even physical well-being.

What Would Alice Do?

Does Alice Wonderbar have dental issues? We will surely find out in her next book ‘Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen.’  In the meantime, if you have not gotten your print or kindle copy Click Here. Enjoy her spiritual, slightly spicy romantic fantasy adventure…and give yourself a break from your issues!

Sending Light, Kyra

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