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Have You Ever Wondered?

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Have you ever wondered what life was all about? And still wonder why it is not working out the way you want it to? If you don’t have all the answers…or only some. You may want to check out the Body Being & Heart Training for professional or personal development.

The program ranges from the anatomical to the energetic to the spiritual. The past and present create your future. It all happens in a body centered approach to well-being. Completion of the program allows you to write third party insurance receipts plus be an essential worker if ever there is another pandemic shutdown.

I am even thinking of creating mini-training courses for those who just want this for personal development. Just basic anatomy so at the very least you can communicate effectively with medical professionals like your doctor. Or how about light touch somatic alchemy with things both energetic and physical you can do for yourself so you can feel and be healthier and more comfortable in your skin.

Perhaps you are interested in rebalancing your basic mental constructs that have been running your life unconsciously with a course like pre-natal regression which highlights the parental contracts you might want to change. How about just clearing your energy?

I will keep thinking about this. I would love to hear what interests you and what problem you might like to have solved. Brain Pain? Back Pain? Lack of Energy? Sadness or anger made manifest in your body by chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or chronic bronchitis. If you are a sensitive woman in challenging and life changing situations who has physical symptoms do yourself a favor and come for a session.


Most of you may know I became interested in the healing arts because I had an illness which ended my professional career as a concert artist and choreographer in dance. I wanted to find out the why and how. I have now.

The Heart of the Matter

Get to the heart of the matter. Enter the space of transformation and healing for yourself and others. I don’t know about you but I am always here to learn. How about you? And I discover more through experience and reflection. Body Being & Heart gives this to you in spades. I teach by offering you experiential learning…learning by doing, feeling and seeing, physically, emotionally, energetically!

Have You Ever Wondered…?

Are you called to assist others or is healing and unfolding your personal consciousness your priority. Let me know. If you want to become a practitioner of Body Being & Heart, healing for Body and Spirit and write third party insurance receipts or just do distant energy work. Let me know! Check Out the Body Being & Heart Course Descriptions!

Sending Light and Love, Kyra

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