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Sharing is Loving

Autumn in Chinese medicine is the metal season related to your lungs and large intestines as well as the emotions of grief, sadness, depression or resistance. It is a time to transform these feelings to courage, righteousness and integrity. In my mind it is also about feeling your tenderness and love.

November is a moody month. It is time for sniffles, so do take care. Also, time for a sherry or Porto and remembering perhaps not soldiers though I certainly honor them but people who have passed and are still in our hearts.

So, if there is someone close to you who has passed, take a moment to cherish them. I always had older friends, luckily, they were long lived. Still, I would like to take a moment to honor my godmother Rosalind DeMille who inspired the physical form of Alice Wonderbar in my newly published book ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’

Rosalind DeMille

Rosalind was a glamorous woman who headed the Smith College Dance Department for many years. She and my father met in a ballet class when they were nine years old. She married into the DeMille family and even lived in Cecile B. DeMille’s house. She said Cecile was very cheap and that they lived on peanut butter sandwiches. You never do know, eh?

Rosalind replaced my mother in Lottie Gossler’s Dance Company when my mother was pregnant with me.

When Rosalind was young, she lived down the hill in Hollywood from Stravinsky. Her parents were journalists. She told me her parents knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened. Something to be explored there.

She was Irish when she shared her stories with me, I listened and saw with my inner eye her stories come alive like a movie. Rosalind was a safe haven. We smoked Kreteks, spiced Thai cigarettes (in the days when I smoked) and drank wine.

Rosalind was not only a safe haven for me but for many people, artists and dancers alike. You will even find her mentioned in books by the founder of Authentic Movement as well as her ex-husband. She had a generous heart. She was a Quwan Yin Goddess, ethereal and blessed.

The picture feature above is of  Rosalind’s and my feet, dancer feet taken many years ago.

Below is the poem I wrote for her when she passed.


Quan Yin Princess


lighter of candles

I salute you




& Cigarette smoker.

Spacious Consciousness



 long moments

over gourmet coffee

& wine stories

or were they movies

we shared these thirty years

you who are the best soul friend

A girl could ask for….


You who contemplate

the dancing emptiness

  no mind


in the wisps of smoke & time

beyond and through

the ephemeral personality


Thank You

for Being the Divine Feminine

You are THAT all ways!


Thank You




I have shared my soul’s searching

& love’s sadness

Thank you for sending me

with your kindness

over and over into life.


Quan Yin Princess,

Movie Star Dancer,

     in the secret chambers

    of Self reflection

Precious Jewel

I am so grateful

Love you……








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