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Overcome Potential Health Issues

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There is a new wave hitting our wellness. And it is not just Covid. All that hand washing and limited social interactions kept a lot of things at bay. Here is Canada the attack is happening full force currently. So, time to retreat, strategize and come out stronger.

Here at my home clinic, I clear the air with La Flamme Berger, a device used during the Spanish Flu. I am back to wearing a mask when working on clients. I don’t want to breathe on them or vice versa.

Years ago, when I first came to Montreal, everyone greeted each other with two kisses, one on each cheek. Then came the bird flu and we started bumping elbows and coughing into the inside of our arms. In recent months clients started hugging me after their sessions because they felt so well and happy afterwards. No hugs now, thank you. I will wait for next summer.

Many who got vaxxed have been feeling invulnerable. Time to get over this…and be appropriate…for now.

Move into the holiday season happy and well. Come for a preventive care session on Zoom or in person.

Give a gift of Adventures of Alice Wonderbar or the Peaceful You, Crystal Meditations and a mini session with Me!

Overcome Potential Health Issues

We shall overcome stress and everything the season throws at us with a little care. In the process connect to your deepest most vibrant self. De-Stress & Enlighten Network on Facebook is there for you!

Need I say if you are in chronic stress, you are setting yourself up for a chronic condition of ill health. Get to the source. Stay healthy! And remember Body Being & Heart gives third party Insurance Receipts.

Sending Light, Kyra


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