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Your Secret Power

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You have a secret power. And your secret power can heal any and everything in you and your life. So if you have anxiety, pain in your body or a mind that won’t quit, that acts in fact like a hamster on amphetamines, or a love life that is so messy you are embarrassed to tell me, keep reading. You are now, at this very moment, reading a post that can turn your life around.

Have You Realized…

Have you realized that life is living you as much as you are living life? What this means is you are surfing in the mystery of life. The key to mastering or, at the very least, getting comfortable with the mystery is becoming Aware of Awareness. Recognize you are consciousness. Whatever your emotion, thought or physical pain you have, you are not that. You are aware of it. You are, in fact, the awareness of your experience.

Before Speech

Now psychologists and scientists say your first 2-3 years of non-verbal experience, before you had words, determined how you respond to love and determined your outcomes in life. I hate to break it to you but your experience of your life started even earlier. It started at conception.

I do have, by the way, a course on Prenatal Regression if you want to go deeper into this aspect. Prenatal Regression Opens the door to this force to access the primal issues and integrate the solutions through your body.

My Work

My work is about embodying spirit or you can substitute the word consciousness for spirit. What you may realize is every cell in your body has memory, has consciousness. In fact, your body tissue imprints the events of your life…just like cassettes and CD’s used to record voice or music and they were just plastic.

Your Secret Power

The secret power I want to reveal to you is in you right now. And Your secret power is not your ability to mind control. Nothing is going to make you a better person, more brilliant or intelligent than you are right now. Yes, of course, you can become more skillful and develop better habits. But to access this inner energy, I call your secret power, simply bring your attention to you.

The Doorway

The doorway to you is through your body. It is non-verbal. I sometimes call it the inner animal…and psychologist sometimes call it the inner child…these are metaphors for connecting to the secret force that can accomplish anything. You must first get in touch.

Sometimes your secret power is spoken about as having your left brain engage your right brain and encourage it to co-operate. How do you do this…by listening to your body with awareness.

You have no doubt heard the story of a woman, whose child was endangered; she lifted a car to save her baby. When the total being is engaged anything is possible. People have reversed 4th stage cancer and gotten well. You have heard the stories. Now is the the time to discover how you can be miraculous in your own life and perhaps for others.

Start with downloading the Alchemy of Healing. Do come to my next Alchemy of Healing Zoom Retreat November 17, 2020 (check my e-mails) or join in the Enlightened Healer Courses… coming soon. What was seemingly impossible is becoming possible…become Aware of Awareness for starters!

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