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We are all living in a world of uncertainty. In the moment I am wondering who will win the U.S, Presidential election. By the time you read this blog I hope it will be decided, maybe not…

You must be wondering will, “I catch this crazy virus?” You may be doing things to avoid it. Are you taking supplements like vitamin A to protect your lungs (no more than 2500IU), vitamin D to support your immune system and perhaps a few other supplements as well? Good on you! I am wondering what else you are doing to lower your stress and stay healthy?


Still wondering? Many of you have downloaded the Alchemy of Healing with its words of wisdom. Discover how you can transform your life by exploring somatic aka body healing practices both physical and energetic. And come closer to your true self and life purpose. Stop Wondering.

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body & Spirit

The body is your temple and the doorway to your spirit. Body Being & Heart is all about opening this pathway within you. If you live in the Montreal area you can you Ky**@bo************.com“>join me in person or by Zoom for a consultation and healing session. If you would like to experience more about the work check out this little interview just Click Here. There are a few glitches…but content is GOOD!


Still anxious about uncertainty. You are not alone but no need to amplify the global consciousness. When you go to sleep at night do you worry about not waking up. Most of you do not. It is the same principle here. Do not worry about what you cannot control.Or at least do not worry so much about it….

If there is something you can do to alleviate or help a situation do it. If there is nothing to do, Let Go, take it one day at a time. Many of you have become Stress and Anxiety Addicts.  Time to detox start with my gift to you the Alchemy of Healing.

If you are into herbs try Bach Flower Remedies, Centaury or Rescue Remedy! And remember conscious breathing into your lower abdomen is key to lowering Stress hormones.

Sending Love, Light and Wellness

‘Antara’ Kyra Lober

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