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Water under the Bridge

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The Buddhist Say

The Buddhist say life is suffering but you do not have to suffer unnecessarily. They also say that some things are written in water…these change easily….some things are written in sand…they take longer…and some are carved in stone….these take the longest and often mean learning to accept and manage what you are experiencing.


Life is about change, though it seems at times to take forever. Change does happen. So perhaps, at least, some of your feelings are water under the bridge…waves of e-motion passing through you….some perhaps are stuck, stranded on the sandy shores of your own view of reality or some e-motions are carved deeply into the crevices of your face.


Those of you wanting beauty need to ease and erase these carvings at least from your face. No dermatologist can do this. And no amount of Botox will fill the gaps of your consciousness unless you feel your feelings with compassion. Each pain and hurt has a gift and if you read the tag on the gift you will discover its meaning.


Now, if you will take a moment to remember a hurt or pain…let it inspire you to write a poem or dance a dance or simply feel from the spaciousness of your own heart….and the possibility is it, whatever the ‘it’, will become water under the bridge.


I have been leaning on emotions but we could also be talking about your body or psychological or even spiritual pain. The issue remains how to creatively transform the ‘thing’ into water under the bridge. If you remember that water is life then you have begun to let life flow.

The Secret

Where is your life taking you right here, right now. What moment to moment shift, movement wants, needs to happen in this very moment? And I know you secretly know but you just might not want to tell….emmm

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