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Are You Experienced?

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I am interested in natural healing these days but in my younger years I loved to dance. I remember this song by Jimmy Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’. I used it  as the practice music for a dance I created in my Master Thesis Performance at U.C.L.A. so many years ago. It was a very sexy dance!

In my work today as a Spiritual Teacher and Therapist, it is not so much a question of ‘are you experienced?’ but are you available. What does that mean? Simply, are you open to having an experience?

You & I…

You are half the equation. I facilitate and you need to be open, ready to receive. Yes, I know you want to be healed. Just remember, you are half of the equation.

In terms of natural healing, this means the very tissue of your body needs to be available to support and sustain the process. And your unconscious mind needs to be aligned with you conscious intent.

What else does this mean? If your cultural conditioning says it can’t happen or you say silently ‘prove it’. The ‘it’ is probably not going to happen.

A Personal Example

I recently had a somatic, physical response when my hands-on practice disappeared in a day due to the Covid-19 lockdown. It shocked what I call my ‘inner animal’ and I started to have sensations in my breast.

The atmosphere of that first wave of fear was not the time to seek out a doctor. So I called in those who could help. This includes my ‘Healing Mentor’, who lives near Cleveland, Ohio in the States. I live in Montreal, Quebec. He sent me distant healing and the sensations gradually subsided. I also worked with a long time student of mine who is becoming an herbalist. She came with salves, tincture and herbal healing tea.

I also took a supplement called Fulvic Power. Do let me know if you want to know more about this latter.

I read,after a couple of weeks, what Google had to say about my symptoms and looked in my reference books. I got hysterical. They all said ‘Fatal’. But my Healing Mentor said “STOP! It is not a cancer…just a miscommunication between the blood, the lymph and the microchrondria.”  So I relaxed.

Being Available

Suffice it to say I was available. I trust in preventative and natural healing solutions, including distant healing sessions which I also share with other people including my ‘Healing Mentor’. I have been teaching and receiving distant healing for over 30 years.

Let’s face it allopathic, science based, medicine is great in an emergency or when surgery is needed. But for chronic conditions, not so much or not without significant side effects. I do have to say that gentle hands-on bodywork as well as distant healing is even helpful in acute and emergency situations as a support to medical intervention. And also the natural process is sometimes slow. My return to balance was, at least to my mind, slow.

Two months later, I decided to check in with a doctor. I called one day to make an appointment. The secretary called back the next day and made an appointment for the following day. This in itself was scary. Getting an appointment the next day, at least in Canada, simply does not happen.

I did wait two hours. I was super lucky. All the tests were run on the spot. The result: It was not cancer. YEAH!

I asked the doctor what it was and he said well maybe it is a pulled muscle or a hormonal imbalance…duh, he did not know…and gave me an appointment for a year from now.

By the Way…

The Spiritual Teacher in me knows that everything is perfect as it is. Whatever ‘it’ is, Eh…

Oh, and just a footnote. I got to meet Jimmy Hendricks at Max’s Kansas City, a popular New York City restaurant, a long time ago.

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