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Vacation Mind

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Do you want to cultivate  a greater sense of spaciousness and relaxation Is it time to take a break and free your mind? When you have a relaxed mind your body will relax too and vice versa. And yes, your hormones and emotions will calm down as well. Currently, there are options to travel. Unfortunately there are more hassles these days if you are traveling by plane and so much more expense to go by car. What to do?

Here’s How

Stay vacations are fine if you learn to relax your mind. Ah. the mind is a muscle so you do need a little practice. In this case, practice makes perfect. What I would like you to do is pretend. Just fake it till you make it. Just imagine what it would be like to have the sun shining down on you as you walk leisurely across a meadow or towards a waiting cabana by the sea.

Now of course if you were a woman like me, I would pull out a good book. A book which would take you to far away places. May I suggest Adventures of Alice Wonderbar,’ a romantic, spiritual fantasy about a woman who has explored her freedom and has become a magical, mystical healer. It is a fun-filled fantasy grounded in contemporary spirituality. Alice puts you in touch with both the conflicts and potentials of today’s world. She makes you dream it is possible to save not only yourself but the world itself.

Vacation Mind

Another option to achieve a vacation state of mind in the comfort of your own home is to come for a distant session on Zoom with me. You and I talk about what is happening. And then I ask you to lie down or make yourself comfortable. I energetically connect and and rebalance. Voila, you feel great!

How Does This Work

How can I do this you may wonder. Let me ask you, do you feel connected to friends and loved ones who live far away? Do you have a sense when you need to check in with them? Do you dream about them? If right now you are not at home, do you know if your house is on fire?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you know how to connect at a distance. It is just when I connect at a distance to someone in a therapeutic way I am able to actually shift things…and yes you can feel this.

Here’s an email I received from a client who had come for many hands-on sessions over the years and needed a distant session because she and her father were not well. Both were unvaccinated and she was very concerned. Her face was as red as an apple. And her father was running a fever. I sent a little healing to her father and two days later did a distant session for her. Her father was coughing all night so I suggested honey. Coughing causes pressure on the brain. And you don’t want that.

Here’s What She Wrote

“I want to thank you a million times .. my dad was coughing at 1am I gave him a good teaspoon of manuka honey in warm water and he slept through the night. It’s amazing that natural remedy!

And what you did on me was so powerful! I will receive another long distance healing from you soon! Big hug”


Still Want A Vacation Mind

If none of the above works for you perhaps it is time for Peaceful You.  What woman does not like crystals and gems. This offer gives you the deeply relaxing guided Crystal Meditations to balance your energy and access your inner wisdom. And you get a taste of what a session with me is like!

A relaxed mind is a happy mind. Enjoy your vacation.

Sending Light, Kyra…your Magical Healer

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