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How to Center Yourself

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How to center yourself is really about…how to stop creating misery in your life. I don’t know about you but as I go through my day, I see my happiness encounter roadblocks. How I cope with these roadblocks depends on what they are and how my ‘inner animal’ responds with flight, fight or befriend.

No-one makes you feel a certain way…your responses are your own. These tell you how you feel. If you allow yourself to feel your feelings, they often dissolve. They are E-motions, energy in motion. You generally have a choice in how you will respond.

And then there are my habits which may get me into trouble. These days I like long mornings. If I book anything before 11 am, I am always in a last-minute rush, rush, rush! Yes, I am older and I work for myself so generally I can set my own time. And I do. BUT I have to set my inner morning clock for 9:45 am, if I want to feel relaxed for a 10 am course or session.

I prefer; I will do; I will commit! It is often the simplest thing which throws you off. Take a look at how to make your life easier. You know what you want and you know what to do to get there…to your Peaceful You!


Try befriending your issues as you explore them, you may find they unwind and reveal what is needed in you to achieve what you want. Take baby steps and stop creating or participating in your misery. The Buddhist say life is suffering but you do not need to suffer unnecessarily.

Bottom line take responsibility for what you can change and leave the rest to…the universe. You are in the Dance of Life and it is a bit of a mystery.

How to Center Yourself

Perhaps I should say ‘How to Re-Center.’ Simply change the channel, re-focus, forgive yourself and move on. Remember to honor your true being, your consciousness, the awareness of awareness. You are ‘THAT.’

Of course, you can breathe consciously. Breathing with awareness lowers stress. And you can come for a Body Being & Heart session, course, On-line or In-Person. You can even join a Country Retreat or Spiritual Travel.

Or you can eat another donut. It is your choice. Reflect on how you make yourself miserable and STOP. It is up to you. I know you don’t think so…but you can create something new and different in your life, step by step.

And if doing ‘it’ from the perspective of what your mind thinks it should be does not work…perhaps your inner animal is asking you to be more nurturing to yourself and cut yourself some slack.

I have noticed creativity has its own schedule…just saying.


Know thy self is the first and last law of the Universe. So, keep trucking…you can do it!

Especially if you come for a Vibrational Acupuncture Session, On-Line or In-Person.

No Needles


Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, your magical healer


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