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Anxious Woman

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Are you an anxious woman? Women are different from men in their responses to stress. So, if you are a woman with anxiety there are a couple of key things you need to know. But first you need to know that when the first stress tests were made stress was described only as fight or flight. The people tested were male medical students.

It turns out there are more nuanced responses to stress in women. It is no longer a sympathetic nervous system response of fight or flight versus a parasympathetic response of rest and digest. Both have positive and negative aspects. FREEZE is a downside to the parasympathetic response.

A Woman’s Secret Power

What women do which is highly positive when caught up in stress is they befriend it rather than fight it. They find out about what is going on and also, they are more likely to get help which supports them in overcoming the stress.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is women need rest to cope with stress whereas men often find release from stress through action, like with sports. Yes, rest and put your Super Woman suit aside for a bit and do this without guilt. This is tricky to do but very necessary.

Anxious Woman

If you are an anxious woman, I highly suggest a Body Being & Heart CranioSacral Therapy (CST) Session which puts you on your parasympathetic system and relaxes you. If you have physical symptoms CST will alleviate discomfort and help you to dialogue with your body. Your body has its reasons and discovering them will help you in your healing process. Body Being & Heart Sessions are available On-Line and In-Person.

I am also writing a book. You can pre-order it for just a couple of dollars. Yes, you guessed it ‘Anxious Woman’ Guide to De-Stress and Enlightenment. I call it enlightenment because you relax..and a relaxed mind is a happy mind…and a happy mind is filled with Light!

You are also welcome to join the De-Stress & Enlighten Network Facebook Group. Or even checkout the Wise Women Stress Mastery Videos.

Lots of possibilities…or continue on as you are.

Sending Light, Kyra


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