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When emergency strikes you do what you can immediately. The situation may still be beyond your control. Holding space/the intention for the highest and best outcome may be all you can do. In fact, often it is the unwillingness to let go control which keeps you trapped in anxiety and stress.

When You Cannot Let Go…

If you cannot let go, it is your inability to accept things as they are. Acceptance does not mean laying down and doing nothing. It simply means recognizing what is. In spiritual terms this is called ‘suchness.’ The opportunity is then to do whatever is necessary.

My Recent Crisis

My indoor cat, Fuji, who has extreme allergies, somehow slipped out of the apartment or fell from my third floor balcony as I went away for the weekend. Her ‘aunty’ came in to check on her the next day and could not find her. I found the text the next day and came home immediately. My concern and feelings for my beloved was  overwhelming. She is an older cat on medication which she was not getting.

I did everything I could think of…from walking the streets and back alleys at cat hours calling her name. I spoke with neighbors, dog walkers and children, who I later heard knocked on doors showing people her picture. One neighbor papered the world with her picture. I went on the internet posting Fuji’s picture.And I went to the front door calling her name at all hours.

Distant Healing

It was becoming beyond me. My feelings left me exhausted. Sometimes our feelings blind us. You are too close to the situation. So I enrolled my healing mentor who lives in Ohio to help. I also do distant healing and will in fact be assisting him later this month in a course called Frequencies and Vibrations. There are over forty people worldwide participating. Of course, I have been teaching Distant Healing with Reiki for over 30 years but there is always more to learn. And when I find a master worthy of my devotion and friendship in any area of interest to me …I study with them. So I am spreading the word on Distant Healing.

My personal experience with Distant Healing is it take the edge off the situation and makes possible the highest and best outcome. In the situation with Fuji, my healing mentor’s input reassured me she was alive.

Fuji is Back!

It took a week but Fuji is back…in very rough shape…but slowly recovering…praise the Lord! as my friends would say…and great thanks to long distance healing from my healing mentor and the internet which helped locate her picture and my tel. number…and me, her personal nurse, healer and slave.

Are You in Emergency or Chronic Stress?

If you are stressed or need emergency assistance checkout the Peaceful You low cost offer which includes a distant healing or book a complete Distant Healing Session. I do short 5 min. for my existing in-person clients, often over the phone. My healing work in person ranges from the physical to the highly vibrational and even emotional dialogue. I engage your mind, body, feelings and intuition to help You heal. Do not live your life in crisis; this is what chronic stress is…before it becomes an emergency. For more resources and information take a look at this blog Emergency Help
Sending Light, Kyra

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