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Sharing is Loving

This Post is going out on my Birthday. Though who knows when you will read it, perhaps even some years hence! This is a special celebration because it is mostly me by myself celebrating another year on planet earth. Well, me and the cat will celebrate. And what a year it has been with the pandemic et all.

Gifts of Sharing

I am teaching classes for my Body Being & Heart professional program. Students discover and learn all about themselves and how to work hands on and off the body with others. The Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit involves the movement function and consciousness  throughout all body systems .It works with physically and energy to tissue. It is a body centered path to spirit and integrates the emotions. It goes beyond talk therapy. In this program  I certify participants to write third party insurance receipts under Naturopathy and Massage Therapy. And n, we don’t do massage but Vibrational Accupuncture comes under that heading. This acupuncture without needles. What fun!

The program is a bit hard to describe because it is an experience. This year we have been on-line and sometimes on-line and in person at the same time. Groups are small. It is a very person to person training. And my students are loving it. I will start another group in March. I am intending to start a totally on-line program called Enlightened Healers so no matter where you are in world You can learn about your healing and helping as You Enlighten. Courses include Energy to tissue, Long Distant healing, Vibrational Acupunctures, Guides, Past lives…and of course Awareness of Awareness.

I am celebrating all that I have accomplished this year…just getting through this year and landing hard or soft on your feet is an accomplishment…so you too can celebrate with me!

I am grateful that the people who need my services have found me…right now I am working with a young  teenager with a rare condition…instead of a spinal tap she came to me…and we are getting positive results. Gentle body therapies can be amazing! And this is one of those times.  Hallelujha! Indeed!!!!

So I think i am an essential service On-line or in person.

All the Gifts…

I am celebrating the gifts I can give and the gifts I have received from friends and family and from life itself. What about You?

Don’t forget to read up on the Adventures of Alice Wonderbar… insights into becoming a magical healer yourself!

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