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My job is to turn these complicated anatomical concepts into easy to understand principles which will help you lessen your stress!

Right now I have just finished assisting at a Somatic Education Workshop in NYC. What we did in this Somatic workshop, (soma means body), is dive into depth into the embryological origins of our nervous system.

In other words, this is how to balance what you might call Stress with Relax, Focus on You and Nurture Your Self. This is another way of looking at Fight, Flight, Freeze reactions with our Rest and Digest system.

Yet another way to see this balance in terms of being alert and active versa relaxing, resting and meditating.

The truth is you need some of everything! To be truly present you need to be alert. To be active in your life you need to have a base of relaxation.  In fact, every function of your body is a little bit of both the Sympathetic system/alert and Parasympathetic/rest and digest.

My question to you, is when you have taken in too much information… what do you do?

Me, I will move and also feel my feelings…more about the many ways you can get out of your head.

In the workshop I was approached by a young woman who was crying and feeling awful. She kept asking me questions. I mostly held the space for her to feel her feelings. I could tell that her nervous system was overloaded with information and repeatedly from time to time asked her to stop thinking. And also gently asked her to put her hands on her belly and breathe. When she was finally able to breathe into her belly…her whole system relaxed and she felt well.

So my suggestion to you when you get stuck in your head, breathe into your belly!

You may ask why…try it and will tell you…next e-mail.

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