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I would like to give you a taste of a Spiritual Fantasy novel I have written but as yet have not edited. It is on my list. Do you have one of those list of projects close to your heart but not yet done? Oh Yes,’The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar’ is also very romantic. Enjoy this sweet read!


Alice stood on the Plains of Abraham; its green rolling hills bounded the St. Lawrence River and the City of Quebec. Her friends lay half asleep on blankets while she scanned the dark 3 am sky, only Nerav was still awake, bright eyed with excitement. He sat crossed legged in a wide awake meditation. He chanted under his breath.

The petite form of Alice Edgewalker aka Alice Wonderbar, fairly glowed against the darkened sky and the quiet of the night. She waited. She had yet to make a decision. The boundless view of the starlit sky on the Plains of Abraham drew her into its vastness. The seemingly endless night made her decision even harder. Should she stay or should she go.

The last year and half had been hard, a time of dreams fulfilled and ended. Alice had thought she was a fully realized spiritual master when she started on this part of her life journey. Sadly life had brought her back to her humanness, her feelings and despair.

Here she was on the Plains of Abraham where the English had thought they had won the war against the French in 1759. “Life is always paradox,” she thought. “The English won but were now second class citizens in the province of Quebec. English is only a second language. Perhaps Quebec will succeed from Canada one day. One never knows.”  Her thoughts drifted as her eyes scanned the sky.

She was dressed in white with a white wool poncho covering her against the chill of a late summer night. “Surely her alien friends Anscar and Anscara could see her from above. She heard nothing but she knew they were close. Their space ship would be cloaked, invisible to the naked eye and any attempts to track it by earthly aerospace means.

Alice, white haired and blue eyed breathed into her belly to quiet her thoughts. She knew that she would know what to do in the moment. The moment had not arrived.

Alice, dressed in white with a white wool poncho covering her against the chill of the night, chuckled and disappeared in the blink of an eye. She re-appeared to a startled Nerav who was chanting away just as the space ship hovered 10 feet off the ground. The Plains of Abraham were perfect for landing a space craft.

All her friends came suddenly wide awake as if a bell had tolled. No one wanted to miss this sparkly, astounding, event. Not many humans met with aliens.  Although all gathered tonight had met them on at least one other occasion. Gathered on the blankets kindly provided by Prati and Nerav, who lived nearby, were Neelam and his girlfriend,  Anne-Marie, Carlos and Clara,….of course Prati & Nerav.

No one knew whether this was a bon Voyage party or not. They were here to support Alice in whatever decision she made.

The space ship landed with a whoosh. The metallic door opened and out stepped the unexpected.

Alice held her breath.

Let Me Know…

Let me know if this interests you. By the way Alice was a healer and her thoughts are reflected in the Alchemy of Healing!

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