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Happy Ever After

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Happiness is our true nature and I know this when I am happy.  How to get there and stay there. Is it even possible? Certainly, you have ways you support your sense of wellbeing.

I find it is often the simple daily habits which nurture our happiness with a sense of stability, order and calmness. It can be as simple as making your bed.

Of course, you may also need a sense of excitement and delight. So maybe to maintain happiness you need a little of both, a calm mind-body and a dash of excitement.

The curious thing is the universe has always been supporting and providing for you. This planet was designed to give you all you need. Alas, people got greedy.


I am always delighted and surprised at how the universe manifests our desires. Just today the universe delivered something extra with my groceries. I spotted it right away but alas when I got downstairs to the door the deliveryman was driving away. What was it? In a Tupperware container was a warm rice pudding like dessert. I had been longing on and off for the last two weeks and searching for a rice pudding dessert at the store without luck. And here it was…

All I can say is I am glad I gave the young man a good tip on top of the delivery fee.

Once during the dark days of the pandemic the universe delivered two vegetarian pizza’s. In this case the deliveryman rang the bell and left, leaving the pizza’s at the doorstep. So yes, I called the company and yes, I ate the pizzas.

These are momentary surprise delights…but so much of what you experience everyday you take for granted. Take a moment to notice the ordinary gifts the universe is giving you. You will, no doubt begin to be delighted, appreciative and happy.


Life is a bit of a rollercoaster if  you stay on the surface so dive to the center and find your core self.

Personal happiness appears to depend on a sense of connection to people you value and value you. Your health is an important factor as well as your ability to do what you love and be appreciated. Your connection to a sense of spirit is also essential, form my point of view. When you experience spirit, it experiences you, such a joy! So Appreciate and Value Yourself!

I am curious what creates or ignites your awareness of happiness?


Obviously, I am delighted when clients respond to the healing work and teaching I provided. This past week has been a return of several people I have worked with over the years. But on one level there is no ‘I’ there is just an organic response to support. Hard to find words for this…truly grateful to be helpful.

In marketing, which I now call sharing, it is all about the story. In the spiritual circles I travel in, it is all about letting go of the story. What a paradox. I live in paradox and the mystery of life. I am so grateful!

If gentle touch therapies are your thing, you know where to reach me. Come prepared for the profound or empty of all expectations and a miracle may happen.

Happy Ever After

Happy ever after is up to you! I keep track of what pulls me from my happiness. And just as I seem to master it another tech problem comes up…oi vey! Nonetheless, Remembering happiness is my true nature…is a true joy.

The image featured in this week’s blog is of a happy moment from long, long ago! 

Sending Light & Love


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