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I like to think of myself as a stable human being but I have noticed my preferences and choices change…change…change  over time to say the least. How about You?

Over the Years

There are certain things and people I have treasured throughout my life. There are even certain skills and abilities I wish it were possible to maintain. Yes, there are new skills being developed yet I wish I had the perspective I have now when I was younger unfolding those skills, aspects of myself and relationships. Ah, a bit of regret and still here I am.

I don’t know about you but when I was young I hated beets and remember throwing them up when forced to eat them. I remember a later time when I loved eating borsht, a beet soup and now I am indifferent.

My taste in clothes has changed with the times and my figure…emm but still here I am. The essential self has never changed. My personality for better or worse may have mellowed but still, here I am. A friend of my father’s, Alex King, wrote a book ‘Mine Enemy Grows Older’. I have always been impressed with this title and over my life I have come to understand what it means. Hip Hip Hooray!


I have discovered that what I judged as my worst qualities were blessings in disguise. How about you? I look back, as I enter another period of my life and experience my life as blessed, even more than I deserved by the people, friends who came in to support me as I journeyed. And it has been a journey, it is not by any means over…looks like many years to go.

How about your life. What are your reflections? Your inner thoughts? Are you being kind to yourself? Is there something you need to do or attend to with someone or address with your own self? Only you know.

The Essential

So I am not a child, not twenty or 30 or…I reach instead into the wisdom of these current years and looking to that which is permanent not only in myself but in everything. The wise have called this enlightenment.

I have to say as I struggle with technology, I do not feel very enlightened even as I recognize tech mastery is just a matter of skill and practice. And still I Am.

How about You? Are You always Changing or Have you found that which is permanent in You!

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