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Observations and Journey Through Life

These Blog posts reflect my observations and journey through life as a woman, therapist, and spiritual traveler on the pathless path. I personally look for balance and harmony as I endeavor to share and support you on your life’s journey.

Natural means and the things you can do for yourself are a priority for health and well-being. Staying open to what I call spirit gives me and I hope you a larger perspective on the Now.

Life can be messy and challenging. I trust you will enjoy these insights as much as I have in writing them…and you will find the compassion for yourself that works miracles!

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Sleeping cat


When emergency strikes you do what you can immediately. The situation may still be beyond your control. Holding space/the intention for the

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The Lotus represents Alice


Peace is never dull. It is a wonderful feeling of buttery lightness which swarms with presence and possibility. It is a happiness,

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